Our nursery started its activities in 2010, following the acquisition of our first gorgeous brindle Basenji. This breed is liked so much our heart and soul that we have decided that it's forever! Then came the idea of a nursery for the purpose of breeding healthy, strong brindle Basenji!

Kennel name Fortuna Numa translated as "bird of luck", where the word Numa, from the African dialect means birds. That is describe for yourself this breed with a bird. They are quick, active and independent. A free flight, these dogs are beautiful!

At the moment, we have some excellent breeding dogs and several litters produced in our nursery. We support good relations with the owners, and the opportunity to meet! I am very pleased to see how growing and developing our puppies, which we are trying to grow up in a family environment as possible.

For us it is important to get healthy puppies with good temperament and physique. It is advisable beautiful brindle! We are always glad to see our puppies and their new families visiting us!



And also we are always happy victories of our children! And the owners are very grateful for their contribution to the training and demonstration of the dogs!

We love to travel and always try to take with our dogs, the more that is convenient to them))


We are always glad to new acquaintances, and are happy to tell you about this wonderful breed. For our puppies we are looking for only the best of the family, as this breed is not for everyone!



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